Debora Lorang

Debora was born in the high desert of Southern New Mexico, and was raised in the foot hills of Southern California. Like Georgia O’Keefe, she became very in tuned with her outdoor surroundings and its raw beauty. Her interests in natural materials were solidified in high school when she discovered Lapidary and Jewelry casting classes. Debora had yet another passion, and that was for working with children. She took as many early-childhood development courses as possible. After graduating, Debora began teaching art in several different preschools, and worked with grade school children doing art therapy. In her early 20’s, Debora entered into the world of Art Bronze Casting. Within a short time, Debora became an expert in “the lost wax casting process”, and from there a master mold maker. Her time in the California Foundries gave her the opportunity to apprentice with world-renown sculptors, and at age 25, she started her own sculpting career. Debora feels blessed to have had her first works of art in “National Heritage Gallery” on Rodeo Drive. Other galleries include New Masters Gallery in Carmel CA, American Heritage in Ojai CA, Nancy Phelps Gallery in Los Olivos CA, The Lawrence Gallery in Sheridan OR, and Caswell Gallery in Troutdale OR. Debora has completed commissions for such entities as Pepperdine University, Ducks Unlimited, Randolph Field Texas, Image Casting, The First Presbyterian Church of Portland, and the Johnson Memorial footprints in Stevenson. In 2001, Debora ventured from the foundry to gallery retail work, and in 2005, she opened her own gallery with her artist husband in Cascade Locks OR. In 2006 she chose mixed media, repurposing and found object assemblage as her mediums for her artistic endeavors. Now in 2017 Debora has finally achieved her ultimate goal, thus being a full time artist. “Finding use for things that are broken intrigues me; it’s a personal challenge to use discarded objects to create something useful or inspirational.